ESD Applications

Plastics are generally electrically insulating. Conductive plastics are used to avoid static build up in order to protect from electrostatic discharge (ESD). At W&R we work with CABELEC® conductive compounds and concentrates to provide electrostatic dissipative properties to reduce the chance of danger caused by the build up from electrical charge.  Conductive plastics offer many advantages over other materials as they are lighter in weight, compared to metals and are easy to handle and process.

ESD Applications

CABELEC® products are synonymous with quality, reliability and high performance. These compounds and concentrates provide the maximum performance in electrostatic dissipative and conductive plastics applications, as well as electronics processing, industrial packaging, automotive and many others. End-products may require specific properties which the use of regular resins can not supply.

The conductivity regime is as follows, Resistivity is measured in Ohm (Ω) 

  • Neat Polymer (1012 Ω / 10/> Ω)
  • Anti-Static (1010 Ω / 1012 Ω)
  • Dissipative (106 Ω / 1010 Ω)
  • Conductive (106 Ω / 101 Ω)

Advantages of the use of CABELEC® Compounds

Lightweight | Recyclable | Easy-to-handle and process | Corrosion-resistant.

Advantages of the use of CABELEC® Concentrates:

  • Flexibility in designing conductive parts to the required performance level
  • A single concentrate for different polymer types, process types and applications
  • Multiple dilutions of the concentrate possible, depending on conductivity level required
  • Additional saving potential in overall raw material costs

Processing CABELEC® Concentrates

CABELEC®  conductive concentrates can be processed on conventional extrusion and injection molding equipment, typically at low shear conditions. Actual processing temperatures should be adapted according to the nature of the equipment and the manufactured article to give optimal quality

Processing CABELEC® Compounds

Processability CABELEC® conductive compounds can be processed directly on conventional plastics processing equipment without the need for dilution.


Our perception of the world around us is predominantly inspired by colour. Today, we are using more and more plastic materials in an increasing number of products and in as many different colors. In addition to our broad range of products, we develop masterbatches to meet the precise requirements of our clients application. 


Acting on fast changes in customer needs, manufacturers want to be able to anticipate when it comes to the raw materials they purchase and use for design, colour and additional properties in this dynamic industry.

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