W&R makes your world literally colourful. We’re able to countertype any colour in any kind of thermoplastic polymer, which means we can not only provide Pantone or RAL colours, but also unique requests. In most cases, you will ask for a standard colour with tailor-made requirement, but we can also add a special effect such as pearlescent, fluorescent, metallic (silver, bronze or gold) and glow in the dark. Together we’ll search for the best match regarding your end application, without deviating from legislation. In some cases combining colours with additives (combi-batches) can be an efficient solution as well.


As said before, we offer an endless variation of colour masterbatches with a superior quality in means of dispersion and colour consistency. 

With tailor-made developments, we are able to comply to your specific needs.

Due to the methods we use and our right-first-time colourmatching, we contribute to reduce your company costs and environmental footprint.


We use strict safety measures to ensure the product is safe for use in Packaging | Toy | WEEE & RoHS | Cosmetics | Medical | Automotive.

For example when you require a superior colour performance, we offer a full range of specialty masterbatches that meet strict food contact requirements for use in plastics applications, including those established by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union.


Our perception of the world around us is predominantly inspired by colour. Today, we are using more and more plastic materials in an increasing number of products and in as many different colours. In addition to our broad range of products, we develop masterbatches to meet the precise requirements of our clients application. 


Acting on fast changes in customer needs, manufacturers want to be able to anticipate when it comes to the raw materials they purchase and use for design, colour and additional properties in this dynamic industry.

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W&R provides technical documents 24/7 available via your personalized W&R Portal.
You can look into or download the following up-to-date documents:

Technical Data Sheets
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Food Contact Statements 

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