We not only add colour to your product, but with additives, we can also add technical properties. Think, for example, of plastics protected against UV radiation and thermal degradation. Or adding properties that prevent a product from becoming statically charged or flammable.


In our extensive range of additives, we distinguish three types of properties:

Stabilising additives

The use of stabilisers helps protect your product from external influences, such as the weather. By using UV stabilisers and/or antioxidants, your plastic product will retain its colour and material properties throughout its lifespan.

Functional additives

Some products need additional additives to prevent static charging, flammability, and discolouration due to UV radiation. But also to protect the contents of, for example, food packaging or to mark specific plastic parts.

Processing additives

Even in the production process, our additives are useful:

• The use of a Processing aid increases productivity in the extrusion process

• Release agents shorten cycle times in the injection moulding process

• Cleaning agents increase productivity and reduce raw material loss.


Our perception of the world around us is predominantly inspired by colour. Today, we are using more and more plastic materials in an increasing number of products and in as many different colours. In addition to our broad range of products, we develop masterbatches to meet the precise requirements of our clients application. 


Acting on fast changes in customer needs, manufacturers want to be able to anticipate when it comes to the raw materials they purchase and use for design, colour and additional properties in this dynamic industry.

All your documents in 1 place

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