White & black

We offer you a wide range of white and black masterbatch solutions to meet performance and process requirements across many industries and applications. These masterbatches provide a high level of quality, reliability and performance and are formulated to meet your application- and polymer-specific needs such as colour improvement and protection of your plastic products. ApplicationsOur white… Continue reading White & black


To reduce the costs and improvement of the properties, fillers can be added to a polymer formulation. Most of the materials being used for this are mineral or glass filler materials. Those materials can impact a variety of mechanical properties, like tensile strength, elasticity, impact resistance, thermal deformation, colour, clarity, etc. A good example of… Continue reading Fillers

ESD Applications

Plastics are generally electrically insulating. Conductive plastics are used to avoid static build up in order to protect from electrostatic discharge (ESD). At W&R we work with CABELEC® conductive compounds and concentrates to provide electrostatic dissipative properties to reduce the chance of danger caused by the build up from electrical charge.  Conductive plastics offer many… Continue reading ESD Applications

BIO-Based Solutions

BIO-BASED SOLUTIONS Together with our partners W&R is aware that the use of Biobased plastics can lead to a lower Carbon footprint. This is why W&R takes the lead in offering solutions which comply to the actual standard for biobased products, like EN13432 and OK Compost. BIO-BASED SOLUTIONS Colouration of biopolymers need specific tailor-made masterbatch… Continue reading BIO-Based Solutions


This one does not leave much to be desired. With additives, we literally add properties to your product. With this you can think of plastics being protected against UV-radiation and thermal degradation or preventing the product from static charging or flammability. We can also enhance your productivity. In our wide range of possible additives, we… Continue reading Additives


W&R makes your world literally colourful. We’re able to countertype any colour in any kind of thermoplastic polymer, which means we can not only provide Pantone or RAL colours, but also unique requests. In most cases, you will ask for a standard colour with tailor-made requirement, but we can also add a special effect such… Continue reading Colours