Plastic packaging is one of the most important contributors. For example, to protecting food from spoiling. Food waste has a significantly higher environmental impact, particularly in the form of its carbon footprint, than packaging waste. Package manufacturers choose W&R to provide in their rigid and flexible packaging needs because our innovative custom colours and additive technologies comply with the requirements for both consumer as well as industrial packaging.


Rigid Packaging
Our masterbatches can be used for rigid packaging in many applications. From shampoo to automotive lubricants and from cosmetics to home care products. Rigid food packaging, including milk bottles, yogurt/ice cream/margarine tubs, closures for beverages and caps for salads utilizes W&R materials as well.

Flexible Packaging

Our masterbatches can be used for numerous industrial and consumer packaged goods, including food-related products such as prepackaged produce bags, frozen food packaging, meat and seafood wrap and boil-in-bags. Non-food flexible packaging includes packaging for transport, cleaning wipes, paper product overwraps, cosmetic and personal hygiene items, lawn and garden products, electronics and clothing packaging.

Regulatory Compliance

We deliver packaging-related products that comply with relevant regulations and standards, including those regarding packaging waste such as 94/62/EC, global food contact standards, local state legislation regarding plastics materials and articles in contact with food, and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) legislation.

Environmental Responsibility

W&R offers a variety of innovative products and solutions that enable plastics to be recycled, enable manufacturers to use more recycled raw materials and enable plastic products to biodegrade.


Our perception of the world around us is predominantly inspired by colour. Today, we are using more and more plastic materials in an increasing number of products and in as many different colors. In addition to our broad range of products, we develop masterbatches to meet the precise requirements of our clients application. 


Acting on fast changes in customer needs, manufacturers want to be able to anticipate when it comes to the raw materials they purchase and use for design, colour and additional properties in this dynamic industry.

All your documents in 1 place

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