You may know it as a vitamin or a substance that prevents oxidation, often a chemical addition to foods to prevent spoilage. But there is another use for it.

The antioxidants sold by W&R improve the (long-term) thermal stability and processability of virgin and recycled polyolefins, for example LDPE, LLDPE, PP and HDPE, enhancing also the melting flow of the material and homogenising its melting point.

Some are particularly suggested for resins which had been exposed to aggressive conditions, such as strong acid treatments, pesticides, metals contamination, highly filled / pigmented materials and intense thermal stress.

Our tailored formulations allow a smooth blending of virgin / regenerated resins, improving also the weathering performance of products made of recyclates.

Key challenges, critical of regenerated resins that are addressed:

❖ Pro-degradators (metal ions, acids derivatives)
❖ Outdoor based application
❖ Depletion and deactivation of initial stabilizer packages
❖ Presence of degraded products (peroxides), already oxidized polymer chains and low molecular weight oxidation products
❖ Materials incompability caused by pigments, inks, adhesive glues and mineral fillers


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